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As the demand for simpler wine cataloging continues to grow, eSommelier has risen to meet it with patented solutions developed since 2004. With its unparalleled data collection services and worldwide inventory management, eSommelier has become the premier global leader in this sector!

As a wine connoisseur, you understand the significance of having an orderly collection with more than hundreds and thousands of bottles. You need a system that lets you quickly choose the ideal one for any party or gathering. With eSommelier's system, that's precisely what you get! It is enjoyable and easy to use and provides all the necessary benefits, allowing your collection to remain organized. 

Manage Your Wine Cellar With eSommelier!

As a passionate wine collector, you understand the importance of properly storing, organizing, and tracking your precious bottles. However, the challenges of maintaining a growing collection can be daunting. Misplaced bottles, forgotten vintages, and the risk of letting your finest wines turn to vinegar are all too familiar.

Say goodbye to the frustration of outdated spreadsheets and ineffective online programs. eSommelier's comprehensive inventory management system and cataloging capabilities will revolutionize how you manage your wine collection.

With over 19 years of experience and a global client base of 5,000+ sophisticated collectors, eSommelier is the trusted choice for wine enthusiasts worldwide. Our Private Cellar Management System is designed to simplify your life as a collector, ensuring every collection detail is meticulously recorded and easily accessible.

Imagine having the power to:

  • Keep an accurate record of every bottle in your collection
  • Know the optimal time to enjoy each wine
  • Track the initial cost and current market value of your bottles
  • Effortlessly organize and locate specific vintages

eSommelier's user-friendly interface brings comfort and convenience to your fingertips. No more worrying about the condition of your wines or the hassle of managing regular deliveries. Our system empowers you to make informed decisions about your collection, ensuring you can savor each bottle at its peak.

As the global pioneer in wine inventory solutions, eSommelier is dedicated to helping you efficiently manage all aspects of your wine collection. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting your journey, our Private Cellar Management System is the ultimate tool to elevate your wine experience.

Make sure to let the challenges of wine collection management hinder your passion. Embrace the eSommelier advantage and unlock the full potential of your treasured bottles. Join the global community of satisfied collectors who trust eSommelier to simplify their wine journey.

Experience the peace of mind of knowing your collection is in expert hands. Choose eSommelier today, and let us help you rediscover the joy of collecting, storing, and savoring your favorite wines.

eSommelier's FAQ

eSommelier is the best wine cellar management system in the market. The Cellar Software System comprises three unique components, all housed in a sophisticated oak box. The computer includes an easy-to-use touch-screen display, while the barcode scanner and printer allow you to label all your wines with their specific identifiers swiftly. To start immediately, connect through wired or wireless internet—you'll be ready in minutes!

You can enter a bottle into the system with only seconds of your time. Every bottle will be labeled with a personalized barcode sticker before being stored properly. Whenever you are urged to withdraw any bottles from your inventory collection - scan them via a barcode scanner and watch as they are automatically removed from the list simultaneously!

Exploring your collection is simple—from the touch screen or any web browser, you can browse wine labels, tasting notes, ratings, and drink dates (with a subscription). With just a few clicks of your finger, finding wines by country, region variety, winery cost, and other factors have never been easier!

Enjoy the effortless and pleasurable experience of collecting wines with eSommelier! Store your collection in a cellar to preserve it, then show off your impressive selection on your iPad or tablet!

You can complete your wine cellar set-up with the eSommelier system, with a sleek wooden box to keep all wires hidden. The system comes equipped with an easy-to-use rechargeable barcode scanner, labels printer, and bottle labels.

The eSommelier system is delivered in a custom-made wooden box, with wires neatly tucked away, and includes an advanced barcode scanner that can be wirelessly recharged and printed labels for up to 500 bottles.

It also comes with the tools to set up your connection through Wi-Fi or Ethernet quickly. (Ethernet preferred)

You'll receive a Quick Start Guide that will take you to step by step. Plus, one year of support subscription is included in this package - making it easier than ever to manage your wines!

When you purchase your eSommelier system, your first year of support is already included. Before the 12th month approaches, we'll reach out to you with a welcome invitation to renew your annual subscription for an additional $500/year. Most customers opt-in and remain subscribed due to gaining access to vital features like:

  • Receive professional, reliable technical support via phone or email.
  • Take advantage of regular software updates and hardware failure replacements to ensure your equipment runs efficiently.
  • Get connected to the foremost wine reviewer subscriptions for access to relevant reviews and ratings and remote access so you can view your collection whenever needed!
  • Plus, rest easy knowing that a nightly cloud backup will protect your data from loss or damage due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you decide not to renew your support plan, the system will still function as before; however, you won't have access to these advantages. Reinstating your annual support subscription is as simple as a payment of $500 to be applied to your account from the day it lapsed!

  1. Enhance your wine experience by investing in the eSommelier system from us today!
  2. Have your item delivered in as little as 3-5 days! (Continental US)
  3. Tap into the power of the internet - choose from wireless or wired networks!
  4. Take stock of your inventory, assign location identifiers to every bottle, and generate custom barcoded labels.
  5. Preserve your vintages and keep track of every sip with a comprehensive wine catalog.

When you've connected your system to the web, consider creating a unique identifier for your cellar. For example, arrange labels for rows and columns like an Excel sheet -- where numbers are utilized as rows, and letters stand in place of columns! This can make it easier to locate specific vintages when needed.

For instance, you can securely keep your Caymus collections in B12 through C22. If storing them in bins is more suitable for you, name the bins whatever works best as long as it does not exceed 26 characters.

Yes. The system must be connected to the internet to run optimally and receive essential software updates.

With eSommelier, seamlessly incorporate your wine reviewer content while adding new wines to your system - it couldn't be easier!

Software updates are conducted approximately every three months to ensure that your eSommelier system is functioning at its best. And if you experience a disconnection from the internet during this period, these updates will be automatically installed upon reconnecting.

Yes. Your eSommelier system can operate without an internet connection; however, you cannot access system updates or the wine review content from your subscriptions. Additionally, remote access will not be available without an internet connection.

Yes, a unique software license number will be revealed when you press the "i" (INFO) button on your system's home screen.

On any device, such as an iPad, Laptop, Tablet, or phone, create a member account using your software license serial number and generate a unique username and password for access from the current version of any popular browser!

​With your Laptop, you'll have the same capabilities as with a touch screen, except for label printing and system settings modifications.

Absolutely. Log in to your member's account and click the "i" INFO button for access to downloading options such as a Wine List PDF document and wine data Excel files that grant you insight into your detailed information about all of your wines!

eSommelier cannot offer on-site assistance; so that you know, their team is available by phone and email for your convenience. Should you experience difficulty connecting to the internet with your system, please don't hesitate to reach out via their support site!

Absolutely! Contact us at and inquire about the exceptional "Concierge Service" - designed to give you an exquisite experience, and we'll be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

We provide our customers with comprehensive support before and after purchasing. Should you require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us; we'll take care of you.

Absolutely! Contact us, and we will provide an Excel template for you. Then, when the data is filled in, all you have to do is send it over, and we'll upload it straight into your system.

If so, it means your device isn't connected to the internet. Ensure that's not the case by heading over to your home screen and finding a green 'network icon' in the lower right-hand corner; if it's there, you're all set!

If you are on the Network Configuration screen, please select a wired or wifi connection. Then, after selecting your desired wifi network with a finger touch, type in the encryption key for that network and press "Apply." In case of an unsuccessful internet connection attempt afterward – try another wifi network; get a bridge or repeater device; contact for further assistance.

Absolutely! We will provide you with a refund for the total cost of your system, less a 20% restocking fee, if it is returned to us within 30 days of purchase following our return policy guidelines.