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WineCarer's Gift Cards

WineCarer's Gift Cards make the perfect gift for wine lovers. Our store offers a wide range of premium wine appliances and accessories that any oenophile would enjoy.

With a WineCarer Gift Card, you can treat your loved ones to luxury accessories, appliances, gift sets, and more. Give the gift of a WineCarer Gift Card and let them choose their favorite items from our catalog!


You can use these cards to buy anything from our catalog, and they have no expiration date. Add them to your Apple Wallet Passes to shop in our online store.


Note that it is not possible to receive a refund for gift cards.

Nevertheless, if you do not utilize the total amount of the gift card on merchandise, we will issue you a new digital card for the unused balance. Any products bought with the card are subject to our standard return and refund policies.


This card has a fixed value in dollars and cannot be replaced or exchanged for another card. It can only be used to purchase merchandise sold by WineCarer and not to obtain cash or pay off a credit card.

You must cover the difference if a purchase exceeds the card's value. Unauthorized reproduction, sale, or trade of this card is prohibited and will render it void.

Prices may change, and WineCarer reserves the right to cancel the card according to our cancellation policy.

If you require further details, please get in touch with us at