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Upgrade Your Dining Experience with Cassigoli Handmade Leather Luxury Items

Cassigoli is the epitome of luxury, embodying an age-old artistic sensibility in Tuscany with a synthesis that interweaves centuries of cultural influences. This is timeless artistry at its finest.

Cassigoli was established to produce handcrafted modern marvels preserving the charm of antiques. Their products are distinctive and crafted by experienced Tuscany artisans. Since the Renaissance, Florence, Pisa, and Lucca have consistently produced some of Italy's finest crafts. These cities continue to be renowned for their artful masterpieces, which are breathtaking in splendor.

Drawing on the time-honored traditions of Tuscany, painting, gilding, leather dressing, and luxury woodwork remain in existence to this day. These artisanal works are showcased with pride throughout renowned museums and luxurious residences worldwide - a testament to their enduring magnificence.

Cassigoli | Portmanteau Leather Wine Box

Cassigoli | Portmanteau Leather Wine Box

$1,990.00 USD
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