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eSommelier | Multi-System Server

Wherever you are, eSommelier allows you to access your wine cellar remotely - from home or on the go. This revolutionary system provides a subscription service that helps manage multiple cellars simultaneously and enrich your palate with new wines as they become available!

From Madrid to Cabo, whether it's for private homes, boutique hotel chains, or larger ones – if there is a second or third destination involved: now you can always stay informed.


eSommelier's multi-cellar system works on the cloud, and it lets you connect multiple cellar management systems to see all your wines in one place. The app allows you to check for inventory levels, add new wines and track their progress over time. Plus, you can set up alerts when a bottle's ready to be opened!

eSommelier is a great way to connect with your wine collection remotely and enjoy even more variety. Invest in this state-of-the-art piece today!